Dear Parents/Guardians

The institution is firmly determined to complete those aims and objects with which it was started.

The chief achievements of the institution are –

  1. The building has been completed in short time.
  2. The number of students is increasing yearly.
  3. The institution is recognised up to Senior secondary std.
  4. The institution is the first in C.B.S.E. New Delhi.
  5. The institution has 100% Board results.

The managing body of the institution is very eager to raise the standard of institution with the cooperation of my staff and my self. I am fully devoted to make the education more of the pro-gressive and more constructive according to need of the changing time.

The aim of the institution is to impart the standard education of the students based on decipline, co-operation, love for the mother land higher moral values so that these may be all round development of the students and in future they may transform then in to successful and useful citizens.

More over your suggestions are invited for the necessary reforms of the institution.

With all the complements

Yours Sincerely